Howard Kenneth Moreland

Ken, as known by most, was born in Parkersburg, WV on August 25th, 1936 and finished his race on Saturday morning, March 14th, 2020. He resided in Lockhart, TX and is survived by his dearly loved wife of seventeen years, Kay. He is also survived by three sons, three daughters in law and a step-daughter. His sons referred to him as Pop and they are: Kenneth, also known as Ken and his wife Cindy; Casey and his wife Kim; Shawn and his wife Missy and his step-daughter, Melissa. He also went by Grandpa to ten grandkids and eleven great-grandkids. He was preceded  in death by his first wife, Jeanne, to whom he was married forty-six years. He and Jeanne had a daughter named Kandice who only survived hours after birth and a son named Bobby who passed at sixteen years of age. His parents were Howard K. Sr. and Jeanetta. Together they had four children. Jack and Tom were his older brothers, both preceding  him in death. He is survived by a younger sister, Cindy. Finally, he is survived by his sister-in-law, Helen (Jack’s wife) and many nieces and nephews – all of whom he treasured and kept in his thoughts and prayers. 

As his immediate family, we are fortunate to all live close to one another and were able to be with him over the few weeks that we knew would be our last. During this time we made lasting memories and he was able to share with us his blessings and final instructions. He requested no formal ceremony but instead asked us to wait two months and then get together as family and friends to fellowship and sing hymns. He asked for his three sons to speak to everyone on his behalf. The ‘get-together’ will take place at 2 PM on Sunday, May 31st, at the group hall in Lockhart State Park. The location was his choice as this was where he played golf several days a week for many years and where, on a bench, at the 8th tee box he would take from his pocket a lengthy, well-worn piece of paper and pray for all of the names written there. No flowers, donations, etc. are necessary. We instead ask you to love, forgive, and care for all of the people who are a part of your life and beyond. 

The cornerstone of Ken’s life was his love affair with Jesus Christ. “Love affair” are words he used and felt most conveyed the relationship he wanted all to seek. While he loved his family dearly, he loved Jesus more. He looked for every opportunity to tell people of his love for Jesus and more importantly, Jesus’ love for him and what He did for him when he was saved on December 10, 1955. Everywhere he lived he was involved in some type of ministry, culminating at Pegasus Schools in Lockhart, where on Sunday mornings he shared God’s love with “troubled boys who receive care, counseling, and education necessary to put their lives back together.” Not very many weeks before his passing he was driving forty miles round trip three days a week to repair computers at his son Casey’s shop in San Marcos and spending the other days with Kay tending to their lives living in the country. But Kay and Ken would tell you that the best part of their week was when they were with ‘their’ boys at Pegasus. This ministry will continue with the precious brother and sisters that ministered alongside them there.

There were many things said on Ken’s behalf in the comments and posts about his passing and all of which is precious to us, his family. We thank everyone for the kind words, prayers, and support. We will leave you with this final message from Pop: if you haven’t already, “fall in love with Jesus.”